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My website is the place where I share my photography, goings on of family and my own musing using my blog. I use this space as a playground on the web, and I often change the look and feel or try some new idea for content. There is also a space I use to highlight things that I like or find interesting. Take a look around.

My Photography

I enjoy photography very much, and have worked hard at taking good quality photos. I enjoy shooting landscapes, waterfalls and flowers. I also enjoy taking intimate shots of cars with flash. Check out the rest of my gallery . Click here to view photo gallery.

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Latest Photos

I took a week to travel to Idaho to visit with Christoper, Madelyn and the Grandchildren. We diced to go visit the Boise Zoo on morning. I found this Eagle staring at me, just asking to be photographed. He was in pretty rough shape, but his eyes were clear and sharp as he watched me. The Sun was hitting him just right for a nice shot.

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My Favorite Photos

A collection of some of my own favorite photos. You can click on a photo to open it up for a better view, you can even move them around the screen. Give it a try!

My World Blog

I use this section of my Site to blog about various things. I might talk about a photo shoot that I went on, or make a comment about something I have seen or thought about. I might even go on a rant about something. Just an all around place to write stuff.

The last few days, I have been staying at some friends of my dads, they went on a camping trip, leaving us their house. Jessica, Caleb and baby boy max came up and spent 2 days with us. We had a wonderful time, we went to the zoo, had a birthday party for max. The zoo turned out to be a pretty nice zoo, and yielded several very nice photos. Click here to go to blog
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My spotlight section is used to shine a spotlight on something like a product that I use. I might provide feed back in a positive or negative way depending on the product and the outcome of me using said product.

When I first started off in my photography adventure, I started using Adobe Lightroom at a friends suggestion. I found it to be clumsy to use, and in an attempt to have a better workflow, I tried Apples Aperture. I found aperture to be far superior in a few ways. Click to read the latest spotlight.
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