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April 2010 - Images In Light by Ross Murphy

Website: Image In Light

Aprils Featured Photographer’s Name is Ross Murphy. His website named Images in Light caught my attention not to long ago as I was browsing the Zenfolio library. I was immediately drawn to His landscape shots. Then I noticed the Seattle skyline and also the seascapes.

images in light sample 1

I am very impressed with Ross’s Seattle Scape’s. The colors are so vivid and the scenes are so sharp. There is one shot titled Night Fall II that is simply stunning with the skyline of the city and in the background is Mt. Rainier and a very cool cloud formation.

images in light sample 2

Ross’s Sea Scape’s are very well done. I love the way he used the light of the sunset to capture the colors in the sky and the water. The longer shutter speeds to make the water soft is very appealing.
One of my favorites is Cannon Beach. I love the colors combine with the soft water and reflections. The sun hiding behind the rock is a nice touch. Very well done!

images in light sample 5

The Landscape shots of Ross’s are very good. I love his use of the elements to guide you through the scene. He has made excellent use of water to capture color and reflections. The shot titled The Grotto to me is very nice. I love the colors and the way the light falls on the mountain. The ominous dark clouds. I almost expect to see Mosses and hear the thunder as God speaks to him. This should should have some inspirational saying written on it.

images in light sample 4

I found the Falls and Streams category to be inspiring. I really like the lush forest scenes with the deep greens of the moss and foliage. Ross has captured some very beautiful water falls. The use of trees in the water is always a nice touch. I love the soft affect of the falls.

A big thank you to Ross for taking such breathtaking photographs. Keep up the excellent work.