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Site Changes again

Hello all,
Well as you can see, I have made some changes to the website. I had been toying with a white theme for a long time, and finally found one I liked using the Sandvox web design tool. I used it for a bit, but found that I was just not as happy with it as wanted to be. I started playing around with Rapidweaver web design software a few months back, and found a theme that I really liked and did a test site, but found it to be not as robust as I had hoped. I decided to look into the software again and did some searching and found this current theme and am very happy with it now. I have learned a lot more about Rapidweaver and decided to go ahead and use it for real for my main website design tool, so here it is.

The themes in Rapid weaver seem to have a lot more features than the ones with Sandvox without a doubt. It has basic features that one would expect from a web design application and you can get very complicated if you like. There are many more Themes and plugins to choose from than Sandvox has, and way more option to change per theme as well. So in conclusion, I have decided to go all in with rapid weaver, stay tuned for more changes as I learn more.

Until Next time

God Bless