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NSRA Day 2

The Second day of the NSRA show, we got there before 8 AM and there were already a lot of cars setup and showing off. There were thunderstorms off to the north of town showing off now and again, but it was looking ok for the time being. Dad and I wondered around for several hours, he looking and me shooting. I was standing there looking across the way at a nice looking car when I noticed lightning to the SW and it was headed right for us. Dad and I made a b-line for the buildings, hoping to get a spot to sit down and ride out the storm before everyone else decided to do the same thing. About 10 minutes later, I saw a flash high up in the windows and knew it was here, thats when everyone started pouring in. Lunch time came early, hot dog, soda and the nice sound of thunder, heaven right there. The storm lasted about half an hour and we headed back out to look at some more cars.

After the car show, we headed out to dads favorite burger joint for some good burgers and a mini family reunion. There were around 25 people that showed up, I had met some of them years ago once or twice and some not at all. So I had to keep asking show belonged to whom on more than one occasion. We all chatted a while, laughed at stories from long ago and all went our separate ways vowing to not let the time pass so long between visits.

Thats all for now.

God Bless