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January 2011 - Edmondo Senatore

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The search for habitable planets beyond our own has lead to the discovery of many new worlds and species. We have visited many of the other worlds and have made many new friends. Our latest visit was to the world of Zaatar, the 5th planet circling a star like earths. From earth the star would be found in the handle of the tea pot of Sagittarius. A manned expedition crashed on the plant some 10 years ago due to a mathematical programming error. The people were very receptive to our arrival and eagerly helped the ones stranded by the crash. During the 10 year wait for a rescue expedition we learned a great deal about the people that live on Zaatar.

Our first encounter was with the Moroseians.
They live in the shadow of a large mountain range that stretches for several thousands of miles. Due to the angle of the sun, the mountain range blocks the light of the sun. The trees grow so thick the canopy blocks the already faint shadowed light to the point that its near dark at all times. The Moroseians live in the darkness, there clothes are dark as their skin if not for the whites of their eyes, you would not even see them in there habitat. They survive by eating the various plants that grow among the forest floor and in the canopy. They rarely come out of the forest, except to share food with the other races that share their borders.

The Moroseians live underground in a vast network of natural caves that litter the mountain range.
planet earth
There is a bioluminescent mushroom that grows in the cave system that provides a source of soft white light throughout the caves. The caves are kept a perfect temperature from natural cooling from being underground. The Moroseians control the flow of air in the caves by covering some openings and opening others. They hang a moss that smells minty from the opening to provide a nice aroma through the caves. There are several streams that flow through the cave system, fed by glacial run off that seeps through the cracks in the rocks. Food is provided from the forest in the form of fruits that grown in the canopy of the trees. There are mushrooms and various plant life that provide nutrients. Meat comes from hunting various different wild animals that are in abundance throughout the forest.

The Taigaians are another race that live in the forests of Zaatar not in habited by the Moroseians.
Casual encounters
The Taigaians over time learned to blend into the forest by using the plants found in the surrounding forest. They draw what looks like branches on their bodies and even use their hair to look like the natural surroundings. They use the forest for every aspect of their lives. They dwell among the trees, but you could not tell by looking that they even exist. They are of the belief that the forest allows them to live there, they must blend in or be banished from the forest. They are to be stewards of the woods by leaving no trace of themselves. It is said that you could be leaning on a Taigaian and never know it, you will only see one because they allowed you to.

The forest is well known for its roots and herbs, most used for their medicinal value. The Taigaians are well know for their hunting bows and knives used for carving, but best known for their musical instruments. The most beautiful flutes and harps come from the fallen forest trees. It is said that at night when a breeze is blowing over the forest you can here on the wind the magical music of the Taigaians. Some of the city folks that live on the outskirts of the forest place their children by the windows at night so the songs will calm and soothe the little ones to sleep. Most people swear that if you fall asleep to the sounds of the music that your dreams will be heavenly and you will wake refreshed like never before.

Nestled along the cliffs above the ocean live the Scannoians, a hardy and happy race that use the ocean as their livelihood.
Scanno, a mythical place
They have built a fleet of small fishing vessels with nets to haul in their catch daily. The Scannoians live in quaint small 2 story homes they build along the cliffs, overlooking the ocean. Family and friends is what makes the Scanno people the happiest race on Zaatar. At dinner time, the town becomes awash in the smells of fresh fish being cooked, fresh bread and various dishes. The children are all out playing, while the men wash up from the days work and the ladies cook their fine meals. Dinner time is just when all of the tales from the days journey and days gone are told. The fish stories of the one that got away and those that didn’t. The tales of survival, the heros that were born on the water, and always a toast and moment of silence to those lost. The children gather round to hear the old wise fishermen tell their wonderful tales. Everyone gets involved in the stories, the laughter and sheer joy that the meal brings, is what makes a family and friends the best things life brings.

I will always love this wonderful planet and the people that live here.
Mr. Mario
They are the friendliest and most kind people we have encountered in our short time exploring other worlds. Each race is unique, ways are never lost on each other and are even celebrated by the others. There has never been war or even any trouble among the peoples of Zaatar and we hope that will always be true.

I would like to thank Edmondo for sharing his work, I applaud his talent. Please check out his work and join me in celebrating his work. I encourage everyone to look at his site and comment on his work if you find something you like, enjoy!