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January 2012 - Stephen W. Oaches

The Furrows

Photographer: Stephen W. Oaches

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Stephen has many wonderful shots in is gallery, but this one titled the furrows really caught my attention. It draws my imagination into a medieval time on a foggy cold morning while on a important errand for my king. His enemies conspire against him, I am sent to bring word to our allies of a plot to start a war. I set out with my best friend and companion gordon in route to Lendor. We try to keep a low profile and not draw any attention to ourselves, as there are spies everywhere these days. 

Gordon and I have to cross the river to get to Lendor, but we choose to take a the path less traveled, we have to go through the furrows. A treacherous route to be sure, there are dangers lurking in the fog, sharp rocks all around making for a twisted maze that one must traverse in order to reach the other side. It is easy to get lost and spend days just trying to find your way across, all the while seeing the other side shrouded in fog. 
Join me in celebrating Stephen's work, he has some very good work on his site. Please take the time to visit his page and leave some comments on his photos or if you like, buy something of his.