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Hanging Around

Hello all,
Shawn and I are doing pretty good on this side of the web. Shawn has been busy planing and event at work, I have been busy working on the hot rod with my Dad. 
I went to the Autorama car show with my Dad, Christopher and a friend of Dad, Gerry. There were roughly 300 cars there according to the advertisements. I tooks some shots of a few of the cars that I liked the most. 

Shawn and I went for a nice long drive last saturday out past he Sutter Buttes. I got a couple nice shots of an orchard and the buttes in the background.  We then drove up to East Park Resivoir, only to find the lake was closed for the season. I have never seen the lake closed in the 20+ years I have been going there. I was a little bummbed being I have not been there in 5 years or so. I wanted to see if any changes has happend, like inprovements or if you have to pay to camp. Guess we will have to go back some other time. 
I had my first of many I hope, card nights with the boys a few weeks ago. Had 3 of my friends over and we played some cards and ate some home made tacos. Im looking forward to the next one next month. 
Until next time.
God Bless.