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October 2010 - Kani Polat Photography


I would like to introduce to you Kani Polat the featured photographer for October 2010. I found Kani on while looking for future photographers to feature. I was very impressed with his shots of the sea and his photos of the boats. I love the lighting and the textures of the photos. The colors all combine so well that the photos just grab you and make you wish you could be there. I have selected a few very nice photos of Kani’s to tell a story. I am very excited to have you all look at Kani’s work. Please take the time to visit his site, now on with the story.

Childhood Visions

I have not seen my family for nearly 20 years. After I graduated college, I landed a job on a different continent. My father was not pleased and told me that if I left to never come back. He wanted me to work in the family business, fishing. I loved being out on the boat as it glided across the water, but I never could stand fishing. I know that fishing is how our family made a living for generations. I know he wanted me to carry so that I could take care of the family, but my brother wanted the job not me. I wanted to do something different with my life, he just could not understand that I hated fishing. I could not stand the smell, the cleaning would send me into a rage that begged with every fiber of my being to run away from this place and never return.

I got a call from my brother last week letting me know that Dad had always blamed himself for me leaving. He had overheard Dad tell Mom that he missed me and wished that I would come home. I had to admit that I had longed to come home and see my brothers, my mom and yes Dad too. I thought if over and decided that it was time to confront the long cold lonely feeling that I have ignored for so many years, it was time to go home

play ground
After 10 hours of flight, the plane finally touched done with a thud, skip and a hop. I hope my homecoming is smoother than this landing I said to myself, chuckle. In my rental car and headed home, I pass my favorite place to play when I was a kid, the port of Jeanlevel. I had to pull over and take a walk on this magical playground that made all the hard times growing up bearable. This is where we docked our mighty sailing ship that took us on many magical trips to far away lands. I have missed this place where mysteries unfolded before my eyes, this place of refuge and healing, this place of rest. I decide to lay back a moment and dangle me feet over the edge, to think back on the the fun we had as kids, and to catch my breath before seeing the family.

The Isle of Lundran, was rumored to be the location of many glorious hidden treasures, buried and otherwise. There are also stories of monsters and dangers that lurk around every turn. There are no maps or know location for the island, it was said that you must stand upon the shore of bransack beach when the purple sunset appears. If you were counted by the gods to be brave enough to challenge the dangers, a root form the dead trees of Lundran would wash upon shore as a sign that you have been chosen for the journey. Once you were able to obtain the root, you would have to set sail on the open seas. Once out of sight of land and other ships, you had to place the root on the bow of the ship with your compass placed in the middle of the roots. The roots would wrap around the compass and hold it steady, now follow the needle towards the Island.

no boat
After several days of fog laden waters and erie sounds, we could see some clearing ahead, an Island slowly comes into view. Its said that the island has a lone dock that appears and disappears just beyond the foggy waters. The hardest part is chasing the dock, its only visible for a few minutes before its gone, only to be found in a different location. We tried several times to catch the dock, just missing it each time. After several days we came up with the idea of throwing nets out in several locations. Each net was tied with a rope and attached to the boat. If the dock would rise up under one of the nets, we might be able to snag it and pull ourselves over to doc with it. This proved to be time consuming, but in the end we were able to get a hold of the dock and tie up.

We gather together and peer over the side of the ship studying the small fragile dock, wondering whats next. I slowly lower myself down to the doc, despite its rickety looks, the doc seems very sturdy. The wood is covered in a thin layer of slimy moss, its hard to move to quickly for fear of loosing my footing and falling off the dock. I slowly make my way from one end to the other when I notice some lettering inscribed one of the planks. I rub the slimy moss away to reveal the words, “when sun and sea become one, step in faith to walk the path not seen”. My brothers and I ponder the meaning for a time, we determine that “when sun and sea become one” must be when the sun meets the water. To “step in faith” one must step off the doc, but the last part of the message is a mystery. I can only think that if I step off the doc the worst that can happen, I fall into the water. The water is milky and not clear enough to see anything below the surface, so that is worry. We decide to draw straws to see who gets to go first, I won the draw......or did I.

appearin path
We had a hour or so before the sun would set, so we had plenty of time to wonder what was going to happen as I make that step off the doc. The time was approaching so we gave each other the customary good day to die macho farewell hug. The sun seems slow down as it approaches the water as if to say no, I don’t want to go, or it could be that I am just very nervous. As the sun touches the water, I close my eyes and let out a grunt, and take a step....WHOOOSH. I open my eyes to see the water part, misty ocean spray slap me in the face from the rush of cool wind blows past. A stony path rises out of the sea to meet my feet before I hit the water. The path before us reaches off into the distance as far as we can see, heading toward the Island. I take a few steps forward and turn to find my brothers stepping on to the path........palo....palo.. PALO is that you, I open my eyes and realize that I had fallen asleep.

It was my little brother who woke me up.. he was driving by when he saw the rental car and someone on the doc. We shook hands and gave each other a big hug. We reminisced about the good times we had here as kids and some of the magical places we dreamed up. After a short time we both got in our cars and headed home.

Kani, Keep up the awesome photography and Thanks for sharing your work. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Thank you again,

Thats all for now.. God Bless.