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Shawn & I went out to Zenfest in Lodi on Saturday, we were meeting David, Ashley, Mark and some of Ashley’s family for the day. We spent the day catching up with friends and sipping wine (well not me, I don’t drink) from the many different wineries that were being represented. There were thousands of people about, chatting, sipping wine and dancing to one of the several bands that were playing. The spot chosen for the festival is Lodi Lake, a small lake with a park and various water ways that go around a the park. It was a perfect day to be out, there was a nice breeze and lots of shade about, everyone was having a good time. We all went out to dinner later that evening at a nice restaurant and have good conversation and good eats, what more can you ask for.

I have been feeling under the weather since about thursday of last week. Stuffy head, cough and more snot that any one person should ever have. I have gone through 3 box’s of kleenex and 2 huge rolls of toilet paper in 4 days, I blow my nose, in the bathroom, and by the time I walk back to the couch, I have blow it again. My poor nose hurts so bad from blowing and wiping, its not funny. I had a slight fever for a few days, but seems to have passed, only lingering snot and cough, but hopefully in a few days, that too will be gone.

God bless those affected by the Tornados in Oklahoma today

Until next time.