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The Griddle


Shawn and I love eating at the Griddle.  In fact it is the only restaurant that we have included in our budget.  Rick, (my photo dude) and I even eat there sometimes before photo shoots.  The food is top notch and always delicious.  The decor is some what reminiscent  of a old dinner.  There are beautiful  stained glass lights over all the tables and at the counter.  Shawn and I like eating at the counter and watching all the goings on.   I think what makes us love the griddle the most is the people.  Everyone is very friendly and always willing to stop and ask how you’re doing. 

We have had the very good fortune to meet almost everyone that works at the Meridian Griddle.  I think “wanna have a piece of pie” Sarah and Abe were the first two  we got to know and talk to.  Then came the always smiling Chelsea and the watch collector Jacob.  We got to meet and talk with the owner Dave and got to sample the ever so tasty imported vanilla malt.  I’m pretty sure we have met most of the masters behind the scenes, otherwise known as the chefs - Joe, Juan, and Arellio.   Chris, Meagan, Zach,  Gus, Nate and Danica are the rest of the friendly crew.  If I have left anyone out or misspelled a name, let me apologize in advance.  There is always something special about going to your favorite place to eat and an honor when you’re made to feel like part of the family.  We thank you all for taking the time to make us feel welcome. 

The Griddle is a family owned and operated business. You can find the Griddle in Meridian and Eagle, Idaho, as well as Winnemucca, Nevada.  If you’re in the neighborhood I recommend you stop in for a bite.  Check out their website for more information and history.