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Nadder NIght

Dad and I got up around 6, got some breakfast and hit the road about 7. It was about 250 miles from Amarillo to Oklahoma City, and we wanted to get there by lunch time. The drive from Amarillo was pretty nice, there was lots of huge wind turbines to watch spin as the wind was whipping up pretty good. I found the last part of Texas kind a refreshing as it went from flat to rolling hills with peeks and valleys. Once you get across the border into Oklahoma, the scenery changes to green pastures, so I guess the saying is true to some degree. We passed the place where Garth Brooks was born, lives or something, but they made a big todo about it. They had a big highway sign for Garth Brooks blvd and big grain silo or something with his name all over it.

We got to moms sisters house (Sharon & OV) right at lunch time, unloaded the car and gave hugs all around. Now that it was lunch time, we were off to get dad a chili cheese burger from some place that he has not stopped talking about for weeks. I opted for the bacon cheese burger instead, I have to say that it was pretty darn tasty.

Spent the rest of the evening, fixing computers stuff, and watching the weather. We spent a good majority of the night under a tornado watch, looks like it's winding down now, so it time for bed.

Until next time.

God Bless