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Around Town

Dad drove me all over the city today looking at all the places that he lived, places that past girlfriends dads or brothers worked at and pointed out all the Sonic's in town since there seems to be a ton of them in Oklahoma. I saw several schools that he went to, and some of the places that he worked growing up. I saw the house he lived in when I was born, also the house we lived in the first time I tried to run away, I must have been 6 or 7 LOL! Most of the places were not looking all that good anymore, but age does that to just about everyone and everything I guess. We also saw a huge beautiful old hotel that dad worked at, we explored tunnels that connect downtown buildings together through underground passages, one could get lost down there, oh we actually did.

We went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I sobering reminder of the lives lost to domestic terrorism. The picture above is a seat for every person who died. Each column represents each floor of the building and each row represents a person killed on that floor. Some of the chairs are small to represent a child that was killed.

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