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The Loss of Apples Aperture


When I first started off in my photography adventure, I started using Adobe Lightroom at a friends suggestion. I found it to be clumsy to use, and in an attempt to have a better workflow, I tried Apples Aperture. I found aperture to be far superior in a few ways. First, the way aperture lets you manage your photos is so much easier and usable. Secondly, the ability to use brushes on every type of adjustment is far and away better then LR. Even to this day Apertures adjustment brushes are still better.

Now that Apple had discontinued its support for Aperture, I am forced to look at LR again. This brings me to my point of this posting. I am very disappointed in Apple for abandoning Aperture. This to me is a slap in the face to all professional and serious photographers that use Aperture for their photo editing. This forces us to use an inferior product to edit out photos. I have downloaded LR and tried to use it, and am still very disappointed in it and Apple every time I try to use it to edit photos. I do not know the reasoning for Apples abandonment of Aperture and I don’t really care as they will never tell us anyway. This product is as important in my editing workflow as breathing is to my life. I felt like I was kicked in the gut when they announced its discontinuance.

I keep reading how they are more focused on mobile photos and the world of every silly person that snaps a selfie of themselves that needs to post it for everyone to see on the social media sites. Since everything is going mobile why not abandon a product for the professional photographer. I can understand them getting rid of iWeb to a certain degree, but not Aperture.

About all I can say is that my disappointment in Apple abandoning Aperture has me very disgruntled with Apple. Not that they care about me or the thousand of others that are using Aperture. Im so angry about it, I can’t speak of it any longer.

Mad and Angry
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