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Family Vacation

Shawn, Jessica, Caleb, Christopher, Madelyn, Emma and I all went on a family vacation and photos shoot. We went to Mammoth Lakes California, to hang out and to capture some fall color. What a very beautiful place to behold and explore. The first night was a long night, the room was so hot that I had to open the windows up to cool us off. About 1 in the morning, we heard a loud crashing noise of a garbage can being nocked over. I ignored it at first, but though maybe there was a bear looking for some food, but I ignored the thought. 10 minutes ore so later, I heard another crash, this time I got up to investigate, I looked out the window and saw a garbage can laying on its side with few cans and bottles laying around, but saw nothing else, so I went back to sleep. This went on for several more hours, I would fall asleep and then be woken up by another crash of a garbage can. Finally about 4 in the morning, I awoke to what sounded like a plastic bottle being stepped on, I went out and found Shawn asleep on the couch, she must have figured I had heard something and jumped up all excited, we both peers out the window to see a huge bear walking down the sidewalk. We both got all excited and looked at each other and both said bear! He walked over to one of the downed garbage cans and started sniffing the contents that had fallen out, then he disappeared.

Shawn and I got up every morning at 5 am to get ready for some fall color shots during the golden hours of morning. Jessica, Caleb and Chris joined us for the cold morning outings. We took drives around some of the lakes in the area to find some nice color and some nice reflections. We took a drive to a small town called Bishop one afternoon and did a little shopping in some neat little stores. We all got together each evening to play games and have as a family. All in all it was a great time for Shawn and I, I can’t speak for the kids though LOL!

Well thats all for now

God Bless