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July 2010 - Jim Buescher Photography


I am pleased to announce
July’s featured photographer Jim Buescher.

I was out searching Zenfolio for this months photographer, I came across Jim’s Landscape shots. My imagination started running away immediately when I my eyes saw this first photo,
Spring Hollow Trail.

Spring Hollow Trail

I was immersed in the green that was flowing from every part of this photo. The Trail leading me through the forest. You can smell the dew from the morning mist. You can hear the faint sound of the water flowing in the brook. One part of my imagination can picture a Knight mounted on a white horse crossing the distant bridge. He has his family crest proudly displayed on his armor. His Chain mail chinking as he slowly passes by, giving a Knightly greeting.

The other part of my imagination switches to The Lord of the Rings. Frodo Baggins & Sam Wise Gamgee running up the path, turning as they run to make sure they are not being followed. As they pass the bride a uneasy felling passes over me, firs the smell arrives long before the foul looking Orks run in pursuit of the two fleeing hobbits. What a great photo his is.

The Next photo that sucked me in and made me take a trip to the fantasy world in my minds eye was the
Oak Tree, Autum.

Oak Tree, Autum

I pictured Pippin from the Shire, climbing up the tree to run away from the evil that was hunting him. The tree comes alive, his eyes open as Pippin is scared out of his mined. I picture the tree walking through the forest with Pippin hanging on as tight as he can as the tree takes him into the depths of the forest. Other trees are coming to life and start talking to each other. Pippin in awe of the forest that alive before him.

This also brings to mind a few lines from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner. I can picture him yelling, “ To the Trees” as the enemy stands on the hill ready to attack. I can picture Robin catching some z’s in the after noon laying in the folds of big limb.

Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs, I can picture the scene where Robin is wondering through Sherwood Forest. He comes to the river and attempts to cross, trips on a rope and falls in the creek. Then you hear Will Scarlet, “ There once was a rich man from nottingham who tried to cross the river, what a dope he tripped on a rope”. John Little comes out to collect the toll and is soon fighting with Robin in the river.

Beaver Marsh

This next shot titled Beaver Marsh carries me away. I can smell the water, feel the cold morning mist on my face. The Frogs take turns singing, each one pausing briefly as I pass by. The sounds of Crickets, and birds singing their morning songs. A frog jumps in the water as I approach with a small ribbit. A fish stirs the water slightly as it try’s to catch a may fly. My feet are wet from the evening Dew, A chill is in the air, and a calm comes over me. Nice shot.


I found that this next shot called Cuyahoga Valley National Park, takes me to the edge of a dead forest, full of danger;s and peril. If we make it through the mist and the perils we will be safe in the Elven forest. Off in the distance you see something moving, duck down behind the reeds so as to not be seen. You try and look through the mist to see what was moving, only to see something you cant make out disappear into the thick forest ahead. You must make haste as your being followed by goblins that don’t want to let you get to the forest ahead. You have to keep moving all the while looking our for traps and avoid being seen. You run as fast as you can towards the forest hoping the Elves will save you from the dead forest and the enemy that follows. Very nicely done.

Ok well I think that is enough imagination for now LOL. I would like to thank Jim for his photography and for sparking my imagination with his work. Jim has a good eye for beauty. He also has some very nice images of animals. I would suggest you look at them as well.

Thank you Jim and keep up the good work.