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Life Goes On

I have been trying to find a job, its been going slowly. I have added my resume to some of the big job searching sites. I have applied for jobs, and so far have not heard a peep from any of them, I guess this is normal these days. Im sure employers have way to many applicants per job so they can not get back to everyone, or it could be they just done really care, who knows. I have filled out the Linked in profile information, updated and rewritten my resume several times. You read one thing that says this is the best way, and you read another that says this way is better. Some say use this font and others say no, this font is best. Some times you fill out a form for a job and it says upload your resume and off it goes without giving you the chance to add a cover letter. Others make you fill out all this information on job history and all that stuff, but its already in my resume, so now I have to do my resume and duplicate the same information on their site. Every job site is different and you have to create a profile with user names and passwords, so now you need a separate place to keep all your new login and password information, or get confused and spend 15 minutes trying this username and that password. WOW it can be overload.

I did get a email from a contract company who found my resume online and wanted to know if I was interested in a Bach Job Scheduler job. I filled out their forms and sent in resume, negotiated how much I wanted to get paid, and was told I would here back in a few days. That was over a week and a half ago. Still nothing. Sounded like an interesting job though, I guess they will call one of these days. In the mean time, its off to the job searcher sites for more searching.

Got to spend the day with Christopher, Madelyn and little Emma yesterday. Had a great time, I just love their little family. Makes a dad so very proud. I talked with my favorite daughter Jessica yesterday, she if having a wee bit of a hard time being pregnant. She has about 6 1\2 weeks left before here due date. Im so excited for them to have their little family. They get to move into a new place in a week, so they get to start putting Max’s room together, that will be fun for them. Im so excited to have our second grandchild!

Well until next time,

God bless