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February 2012 - Marc Adamus

Lupine Meadow, Dawn

Photographer: Marc Adamus
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I would like to introduce you to Marc Adamus, he is truly a talented photographer who's photo gallery is full of some very stunning photo's. His photography is some of the best I have ever seen and is truly something to inspire us all to try harder with our own photos. I am very impressed with the depth of color and the photos display such dramatic scenes. I chose this particular photo titled Lupine Meadow, Dawn because it made me think of a story. 

I left home when I was but 15, headed out to make my way in the world. My mother cried and my father mearly shrugged and said good luck. My mother I think knew that I would be gone a long time as she knew my determination. My father on the other hand, just thought that I was bluffing and that I would return within the hour.  Read Moreā€¦