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Felling Better


Happy Memorial Day to all, Shawn and I went over to Mom & Dads house for a nice BBQ. Sheri, Kevin, Marlo and Malory were there along with Chris, Madelyn and little baby Emma. I had a great time playing with Emma, I got to hold here for quite a while and we had a good time playing and giggling. It was good to see Chris and Mad, have not sen them for a month or so, and that if far far to long to go without seeing a your son. Read More…

My Cool Breeze


Shawn & I went out to Zenfest in Lodi on Saturday, we were meeting David, Ashley, Mark and some of Ashley’s family for the day. We spent the day catching up with friends and sipping wine (well not me, I don’t drink) from the many different wineries that were being represented. There were thousands of people about, chatting, sipping wine and dancing to one of the several bands that were playing. The spot chosen for the festival is Lodi Lake, a small lake with a park and various water ways that go around a the park. It was a perfect day to be out, there was a nice breeze and lots of shade about, everyone was having a good time Read More…

The Griddle


Shawn and I love eating at the Griddle.  In fact it is the only restaurant that we have included in our budget.  Rick, (my photo dude) and I even eat there sometimes before photo shoots.  The food is top notch and always delicious.  The decor is some what reminiscent  of a old dinner.  There are beautiful  stained glass lights over all the tables and at the counter.  Shawn and I like eating at the counter and watching all the goings on.   Read More…