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October 2012 - Troy Cross

Moss Covered Serenity-POM

Photographer: Troy Cross
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Moss Covered Serenity

This months photo of the month is one of mine. For the first time, I feel I have a photo worthy of the Photo of the Month club.

I choose this photo for several reasons, First off is the simple serenity that I feel when I view the picture. I love the soft light that is aluminating the lush green thick forest. The soft water as if flows over and through the moss covered rocks. I love the lines of the 2 trees that stretch on out of site. The water seems to flow under some down trees up stream. I love the ferns that are growing out over the fell trees and on the sides of the hills. It invites me to wonder what lies behind the next tree or around the next bend. I just want to step out on to that log and keep walking.  Read Moreā€¦