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December 2010 - Dionys Moser Photography

Website: Dionys Moser Photography

I would like to present to you Decembers 2010s’s Photographer. Dionys photography it outstanding, the use of light and natural elements is very appealing. Please take a moment to look through his website and behold the product of his photographic vision. Below is the story that his photographs have inspired in my minds eye, enjoy.

The war has been over for 12 years, I was 18 years old when it started. I had just graduated high school, looking to get into college to continue my education, even though unsure of my direction. My girlfriend and I had planned to go to the same school so we could continue our lives together and eventually marry after college, but life dealt us a different hand.

Fog in the DEAD VLEI
The war started because some small plot of land decide it wanted to be independent from both countries that tried to control it. Both sides wanted the small mountainous area, armies at the ready, shots fired, bombs dropped. It so happened that the day the first shot was fired, the daughter of the king of the south was in the disputed territories and was killed. The South blamed the North, and let loose with nuclear weapons in retaliation for the so called assassination. This drew the other countries of the world to draw sides that eventually let loose with an all out nuclear war. Fortunately for the world the arms reduction treaties that had been in place for years had reduced the stockpiles of nuclear weapons to the point that we could no longer annihilate all the life on the planet, just 90% of it. No country was immune from the blasts, very few places escaped the ravaging fires the burned every thing in their path.

Vulcano Erta Ale in the Danakil Desert
There is one report that a blast opened up a hole straight from the depths of hell, unleashing a manmade desolation greater then a bomb itself. Rumor has it that some of the enemies purposely dropped bombs on areas of thin crust, such as super volcanoes like Yellow Stone. The idea was to make bomb unleash more destruction using the earth as a weapon. In the case of Indonesia, the bomb dropped there opened up a hole in the magma chamber unleashing a huge cloud of dust and steam that covered thousands of square miles causing major destruction.

Wind in the dunes
The sunlight was blocked out for many years and only recently has begun to show itself. Most survivors braced for a long cold nuclear winter, but that never showed up, in fact just the opposite occurred. The gasses and dust kicked up from the war and unnatural disasters heated up the planet. Hardly any rain fell. but when it did it poured causing land slides and flooding. Large deserts formed in most places, big storms would roll across the landscape with relentless winds pushing along large sand storms that would dwarf anything seen in the past. The relentless surge of sand across the land claimed everything from mountains to whole burned out cities, leaving only the tallest of buildings sticking out of the sand as the only clue that a city existed.

Deadvlei in Namibia
Not long ago, I decided to venture out of my safe place to see what might be left of the city that was closest to where I lived, some 200 miles away. Rumor was that it was one of the last places to be hit, and that no one had survived. I packed as much as I could carry with me and decided I could find food on the way. There was wildlife that had survived and even flourished in the aftermath. Along the way I came across burned out houses, cars, busses, even the tail of a big jumbo jet sticking out of the sand that had buried it sometime ago. I came across an old orchard that we used to drive past on the way to town, it’s about the only thing left that I could vaguely recognize. The orchard now contained only the charred remains of trees left standing in stark contrast of the approaching sand. It will be only a short time before the sand will claim the burned out remains as its own.

Golden light in White Desert
According to my map I should be close to the city now, it’s taken a long 3 weeks to walk here. I crested what used to be a hill, but now is a huge mountain of sand. I thought from this point, that I would be able to see the city, but all I could see was miles and miles of sand, that had claimed the land and buried any remnant of the city that used to stand here. Its hard to imagine that this was once home to thousands of people. I saw no one on this 200 mile journey to get here, but I did find a set of human footprints heading off past the city. Someone has been here not long ago as the tracks had not been reclaimed by the sand. I decided it was time to head back the way I came, but this time I covered my tracks. People in these part are not that friendly anymore, everyone is willing to take a life for a hint of water or food. I survived only because I choose to stay away from people at all cost. I had plenty of ammunition for hunting, a clean water supply, and I was determined to keep it that way.

I remember movies from many years ago before the war started, movies like the Postman, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and the like. All the movies were of post war earth, where greed ran rampant, the lawlessness, power struggles that ensued. It amazes me that those movies were actually a prophetic depiction of the world I live in now, who would have imagined?