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October 2012 - Troy Cross

Moss Covered Serenity-POM

Photographer: Troy Cross
Photo Link:
Moss Covered Serenity

This months photo of the month is one of mine. For the first time, I feel I have a photo worthy of the Photo of the Month club.

I choose this photo for several reasons, First off is the simple serenity that I feel when I view the picture. I love the soft light that is aluminating the lush green thick forest. The soft water as if flows over and through the moss covered rocks. I love the lines of the 2 trees that stretch on out of site. The water seems to flow under some down trees up stream. I love the ferns that are growing out over the fell trees and on the sides of the hills. It invites me to wonder what lies behind the next tree or around the next bend. I just want to step out on to that log and keep walking.  Read More…

March 2012 - Stephen Sieren

Empty Sky

Photographer: Stephen Sieren
Photo Link: 
Empty Sky

The photo of the month for March goes to Stephen Sieren and his photo named Empty Sky.
The Empty Sky photo makes my mind conjour up a dungeon and dragons type of story, in a land far away.

 Raistlin and Carmen are twins who both lead different lives, Raistlin is a black wizard who has taken a much sinister path then his brother. Carmen, a big strong warrior who towers over most men, a stark contrast  to his sickly brother.  The two have come together to save the lands from an evil force that is trying to overthrow the kingdoms of quallindale. 
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February 2012 - Marc Adamus

Lupine Meadow, Dawn

Photographer: Marc Adamus
Photo URL:

I would like to introduce you to Marc Adamus, he is truly a talented photographer who's photo gallery is full of some very stunning photo's. His photography is some of the best I have ever seen and is truly something to inspire us all to try harder with our own photos. I am very impressed with the depth of color and the photos display such dramatic scenes. I chose this particular photo titled Lupine Meadow, Dawn because it made me think of a story. 

I left home when I was but 15, headed out to make my way in the world. My mother cried and my father mearly shrugged and said good luck. My mother I think knew that I would be gone a long time as she knew my determination. My father on the other hand, just thought that I was bluffing and that I would return within the hour.  Read More…

January 2012 - Stephen W. Oaches

The Furrows

Photographer: Stephen W. Oaches

Photo URL:

Stephen has many wonderful shots in is gallery, but this one titled the furrows really caught my attention. It draws my imagination into a medieval time on a foggy cold morning while on a important errand for my king. His enemies conspire against him, I am sent to bring word to our allies of a plot to start a war. I set out with my best friend and companion gordon in route to Lendor. We try to keep a low profile and not draw any attention to ourselves, as there are spies everywhere these days. 
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January 2011 - Edmondo Senatore

planet earth
There is a bioluminescent mushroom that grows in the cave system that provides a source of soft white light throughout the caves. The caves are kept a perfect temperature from natural cooling from being underground. The Moroseians control the flow of air in the caves by covering some openings and opening others. They hang a moss that smells minty from the opening to provide a nice aroma through the caves. There are several streams that flow through the cave system, fed by glacial run off that seeps through the cracks in the rocks. Food is provided from the forest in the form of fruits that grown in the canopy of the trees. There are mushrooms and various plant life that provide nutrients. Meat comes from hunting various different wild animals that are in abundance throughout the forest.
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December 2010 - Dionys Moser Photography

Vulcano Erta Ale in the Danakil Desert
There is one report that a blast opened up a hole straight from the depths of hell, unleashing a manmade desolation greater then a bomb itself. Rumor has it that some of the enemies purposely dropped bombs on areas of thin crust, such as super volcanoes like Yellow Stone. The idea was to make bomb unleash more destruction using the earth as a weapon. In the case of Indonesia, the bomb dropped there opened up a hole in the magma chamber unleashing a huge cloud of dust and steam that covered thousands of square miles causing major destruction.
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Novemebr 2010 - Travels with Charlie

The Road Home
The road back from town passes by a forest of aspen trees, then crosses over a small river that I named Fog River. I always enjoyed this part of the year as the aspens would turn yellow and gold. The trees grew over the road like a tunnel and always sparked my imagination as we passed through. This day for some reason I was specially susceptible to letting my mind take trips back in time, a time of daydreams and fantasy worlds. The tunnel of trees was the doorway in my mind leading to the wonderful land of Aspland.
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October 2010 - Kani Polat Photography

play ground

I would like to introduce to you Kani Polat the featured photographer for October 2010. I found Kani on while looking for future photographers to feature. I was very impressed with his shots of the sea and his photos of the boats. I love the lighting and the textures of the photos. The colors all combine so well that the photos just grab you and make you wish you could be there. I have selected a few very nice photos of Kani’s to tell a story. I am very excited to have you all look at Kani’s work. Please take the time to visit his site, now on with the story. Read More…

September 2010 - Difruscia Photography

Ghost Ship

I would like to introduce to you Patrick and his wonderful photo gallery called Difruscia Photography. My friend Rick from Rick Cate Photography turned me on to Patricks site, I in turn had to share Patricks excellent work with you all. Please take a look at his work and let him know how much you enjoy his work. Now it is time for the story telling to begin. Read More…

August 2010 - Paolo De Faveri

Worth it


I am pleased to announce August’s featured photographer Paolo De Faveri.

I went through a lot of photographers this month, looking for some photos that aroused my imagination. I found many photographers that had amazing quality photos, but lacked the story telling properties. Seems everyone has the same photos of Yosemite, or Yellowstone or some other well known park from somewhere around the world. Sure they all have varying degrees of views and quality, but basically all the same. When I found Palo’s gallery, I was immediately pulled into his photos and taken on a trip through my minds eye, I knew right then I had found what I was looking for.
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July 2010 - Jim Buescher Photography

Spring Hollow Trail


I am pleased to announce
July’s featured photographer Jim Buescher.

I was out searching Zenfolio for this months photographer, I came across Jim’s Landscape shots. My imagination started running away immediately when I my eyes saw this first photo,
Spring Hollow Trail.

I was immersed in the green that was flowing from every part of this photo. The Trail leading me through the forest. You can smell the dew from the morning mist. You can hear the faint sound of the water flowing in the brook. One part of my imagination can picture a Knight mounted on a white horse crossing the distant bridge. He has his family crest proudly displayed on his armor. His Chain mail chinking as he slowly passes by, giving a Knightly greeting.
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June 2010 - Edward Nunez - Fine Art Photography

en -5

I am pleased to announce June’s featured photographer Edward Nunez.

As I was searching for this months photographer, I found many photographers with some very nice work, however they lacked punch. I came across Edward’s gallery and immediately saw the punch I was looking for. Edward’s use of elements in the scene, combined with the use of light is outstanding. I have picked 5 of my favorites from his gallery to share and comment on.
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April 2010 - Images In Light by Ross Murphy

images in light sample 1Website: Image In Light

Aprils Featured Photographer’s Name is Ross Murphy. His website named Images in Light caught my attention not to long ago as I was browsing the Zenfolio library. I was immediately drawn to His landscape shots. Then I noticed the Seattle skyline and also the seascapes.
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Rick Cake Photography

Rick 1
Website: Rick Cate Photography

Rick has some excellent HDR photography. He has an eye for seeing the scene before him and using all of its features to maximize that affect. Rick always seem to have good composition in his shots. He is very creative when using reflections and shadows in his shots. Im proud to present his work to you

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Lars Van De Goor

Website: Lars Van De Goor

A friend of mine sent me Lars web link while he was looking around on Zenfolio. Lars is a very talented photographer I am please to present his work. I love his use of leading lines. I only wish I could find trees and paths like the ones he shows in his photographs. Please go and visit his site and see the work for yourself. Lars is very talented.

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