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August 2010 - Paolo De Faveri


I am pleased to announce August’s featured photographer Paolo De Faveri.

I went through a lot of photographers this month, looking for some photos that aroused my imagination. I found many photographers that had amazing quality photos, but lacked the story telling properties. Seems everyone has the same photos of Yosemite, or Yellowstone or some other well known park from somewhere around the world. Sure they all have varying degrees of views and quality, but basically all the same. When I found Palo’s gallery, I was immediately pulled into his photos and taken on a trip through my minds eye, I knew right then I had found what I was looking for.

Worth it

Worth it: I can picture myself sitting on the beach, feeling the sand oozing between my toes. I see an old man holding the hand of his little grandson as they walk down the beach. The little guy is so intrigued by every thing around him. He splashes the water with his feet in amazement at the sound of the water and sand as its slapped by his little foot. He stops to watch a small sand piper with its long legs as it runs through the surf, trying to catch something to eat before the next wave washes it away.

I watch as the waves come crashing in, as though they are somehow digging at the sand so as to uncover some lost treasure. Perhaps a sand dollar, a coin lost from a visitor last week. I can picture the water coming in and receding, revealing the tip of a piece of timber that looks old and worn down from the long years of relentless pounding from the sand and water. Upon closer inspection, this in not some small piece of wood, but a larger section of a ship that was run aground in a fierce storm from a time that has since been forgotten. You search and begin to dig around the wood to reveal more of the ship, when you spot something shinny, its a gold coin! Suddenly you hear a familiar sound, you look up and realize that the church bell in the tower is ringing. You wonder why the church bell is ringing at this late hour, until you see the parting of the storm clouds and the sun lighting up the mission. You realize that you will never again see the clouds, water or even the sunlight in this exact same way every again. Its a once in a lifetime event, that is as the title suggests, Worth it!


Fireworks: Of all the photography I do, lightning shots are the most exciting for me to take. I love the roar of the thunder. The bewilderment of each bolt of lightning as it forks through the sky seeking out its destination. Every time I am able to capture a photo with lightning in it, I get giddy with joy. Ok enough about me, back to the photo...sheesh.

Im sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean listening to the waves crashing into the cliffside down below. I can smell the damp salty air as a warm breeze begins to blow. I notice off in the distance a cloud with a mushroom shape. I get excited, for I know that a the cloud in its infancy will grow up to be a thunderstorm.

I watch as with every passing minute the cloud begins to bubble and boil, reaching higher and higher into the sky. With each crashing wave of the ocean, the cloud seems to be getting bigger, darker, more ominous. When suddenly and without warning you see it, the forked bolt of lightning races from the cloud to meet the water in a brilliant flash. You listen and begin to count to yourself, one one thousand, two one thousand.........ten one tho, rumble, roar, the thunder has arrived. You watch in amazement as the cloud changes shape and every bolt is different from the last. Sometime there are two blots at the same time, some zap the same spot over and over as though they were pounding on the water in a show of power. It is time to seek shelter from the approaching storm, so I head into the house and make some tea. I find a good spot to watch the storm as it rolls in, take a sip and say to myself “what a perfect day”

Orange Tide #3

Orange Tide #3:This photo made me laugh when I saw it. It made me think I was the star fish that crawled out of the ocean to watch the sunset.....LOL!

Howdy y’all, my name is star and I’m from Texas. Yeah Yeah I know... star....funny funny ha ha, anyway. I got the name because well.... I can talk. You might ask how I got to the Mediterranean from Texas, its the Oil. Every since that stuff started a leakin into my house I have been hacking and dizzy, I just had to get out of there. I hitched me a ride on a Carnival cruise ship leaving out of Galveston. Wasn’t sure I was going to make it on time, being well.....a starfish we move really slow. Sure we have five legs, but they are just for show. Its our hundreds of little suction cups that do all the work, suck, release, suck, release, over and over and over,you try moving fast like that. Anyway, I finally made it to the ship, hung on to the side and here I am. What is with those dolphins jumping in front of the boat... it’s just weird you know, acting all silly like that.

You might wonder why us star fish are sometime out on the rocks hanging around out of the water. Truth is, we like to watch the sunset and sunrises just like everyone else. Everyone gets all excited when they see us hanging around in the tide pools, or on the rocks and pier posts, all we really are trying to do is get a good view. People come up and poke us with their fingers or use a stick to see if we are alive. We really don’t know if you are just dumb or simply don’t know any better. Let me just tell you right now.... STOP IT.. it hurts when you poke us, we are not dead. We just want to get into a spot were we can just enjoy the sunset for awhile. We don’t move when y’all poke us because of the whole suck, release, suck, release thing. How would y’all like it if you couldn’t move very fast and we kept poking y’all! Well enough of that for now, shhhh, look at that sunset would y’a!

Go Longhorns!

Paolo has some excellent photos, and has been featured an several magazine covers. I would encourage every one to go and take a look, you will be impressed!

Thank you Paolo for sharing you work, its truly inspiring.