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Felling Better

Hello All,

Happy Memorial Day to all, Shawn and I went over to Mom & Dads house for a nice BBQ. Sheri, Kevin, Marlo and Malory were there along with Chris, Madelyn and little baby Emma. I had a great time playing with Emma, I got to hold here for quite a while and we had a good time playing and giggling. It was good to see Chris and Mad, have not sen them for a month or so, and that if far far to long to go without seeing a your son. Marlo and Malory are both getting so darn big, Mal is turning 16 for pete sake and getting ready to start driving. We had some great grub to, chicken, steak, salad and some bread, it was a good meal and good company. It was a very nice day out, highs in the low 70’s and some slight rain now and again, all in all it was a good day.

Shawn got herself a new car stereo on Saturday from Fry’s electronics. It has bluetooth, so she can play her iPod and use the iPhone hands free through the stereo speakers. She is very excited since she has only used one of those silly FM transmitters that frankly sound pretty crappy. The stereo sounds pretty good using the stock speakers and is far louder than the factory stereo, and all for under 150 bucks, thats pretty cheap. I do think however, we should get here some better speakers soon, that way it will really sound good since she love playing tunes cruising down the road, but we will wait a bit for that.

Well thats all for now.

God Bless