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Wind Power

Dad and I took of for Oklahoma this morning about 5am in the Hot Rod, only to turn around due to carburetor problems. Disappointed, we decided to drive the Honda instead, determined to enjoy the time even though we didn't have a show car. Back on the road about 7AM, we headed up Highway 5 in route to our overnight stay in FlagStaff Arizona. Just out of Bakersfield, we came a cross a couple of mountainsides full of hundred of wind turbines, with all but a couple of the spinning. I tried my best to get a good shot of them out the window while we were going 75 down the freeway. We arrived at our hotel around 9 and settled in for the night, it was pretty cold out and the room for me was a perfect cool temp for sleeping, but dad was cold LOL! Hit the sac early since we got up pretty early.

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