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June 2010 - Edward Nunez - Fine Art Photography


I am pleased to announce June’s featured photographer Edward Nunez.

As I was searching for this months photographer, I found many photographers with some very nice work, however they lacked punch. I came across Edward’s gallery and immediately saw the punch I was looking for. Edward’s use of elements in the scene, combined with the use of light is outstanding. I have picked 5 of my favorites from his gallery to share and comment on.

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Boat House: This photo is perfect in every way. My eyes are drawn to the house immediately as well as the reflection of light and the trees off the water. The color of the light, combined with the star effect, shines as a beacon guiding the way home and that warms me. The low hanging clouds over the hills signal the approach of a storm. The stillness of the water and the forest is serene. One can imagine hearing a fish jump, the howl of a wolf off in the distance. A perfect picture that leaves you wishing you were there. sipping some hot cocoa in front of a nice warm fire. WOW!


Hope: “ When the world says, “ Give up”, Hope whispers, “Try it one more time”.

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.

I can hear the Angles singing “AAAAAAAAAHHHH.” I can see Moses peering into the burning bush trembling, a loud deep voice saying “take of your sandals for you are standing on holy ground”.

I have always wanted to capture the sun rays as they peer through a tree or shine through the clouds. Never have been in the right place at the right time for that. Hope was a perfect title. I am always envious of those that title there photos as titles just don’t come to me.


Rodeo Beach Twilight: I find this shot to be very soothing. The soft water almost seems as though it is really just a mist spilling between the rocks coming to surround your feet. The soft hues of blue that stretch all the way to the horizon only to bathe you in the last light of the day. You just want to walk through the misty water to peek over that last rock just to see more.


Horseshoe Bend - After Sunset: I have seen the same photo many time, however I like this one very much. The clouds just seem to come down and paint their colors on to the land. The rocks seem to have a glow of their own. I must visit this place some day. I love the desert colors in this region of the US. Well done Edward, well done.


Unnamed: The composition of this shot is very well done. The branches leading out from the bottom left corner bring your eye all the way through the photo to the last flower as it dangles over the running water. The soft yellow and blues reflecting of the water, contrasting with the white of the flowers and the green leaves is a perfect blend. The delicate flowers combined with the brute force of the water. Nicely done!

These were but a few of the many excellent photos that Edward has in his gallery. Please take the time to enjoy his work. One only has to look at one or two shots to see that Edward is a very talented photographer. A photographer that inspires one to strive to do better at their own photography.

Thank you Edward for sharing your work. Very inspiring.