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September 2010 - Difruscia Photography


I would like to introduce to you Patrick and his wonderful photo gallery called Difruscia Photography. My friend Rick from Rick Cate Photography turned me on to Patricks site, I in turn had to share Patricks excellent work with you all. Please take a look at his work and let him know how much you enjoy his work. Now it is time for the story telling to begin.

Ghost Ship: We set out from our home port of Tangier located on the North Atlantic Ocean on our way to Crete to deliver our cargo. We passed through the Straight of Gibraltar into the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Behind us over the open water the sun was setting in a most peculiar color of deep blood red sky’s. We watched in erie silence as the blood sun appeared to boil the water as it slowly sank into the the deep waters of the sea. A chill came over the entire crew as the captain calls to get back to work.

Ghost Ship
The night seemed calm except for a light breeze and the smell of salty air. Off in the distance we could see the flashes of lightning as it lights up the tops of the clouds. The storm appears to be heading off to the north so we have no worries of bad seas. The captain calls down to get our rest for the night. I turn down the blanket and climb in bed, the rest of the crew is shuffling about as they to get ready for the night’s rest.

I’m awoke by the sudden urge that most men over 40 experience in the middle of the night. I stumble out of bed, put my feet on the cold metal floor, my body gives an uncontrollable shiver. I stumble mostly asleep to the head to relieve the pressure, arm resting on the wall as my head bobs trying to stay awake. I suddenly realize that I am not hearing a familiar sound, the constant steady hum of the powerful diesel engines are silent. I reach for the light switch, nothing happens as I try the lights.

A little more awake, I stumble in the darkness back to my bunk to get myself dressed. I open my squeaky locker door and fumble around for my flashlight, trying to not disturb the rest of the sleeping crew. Finding the flashlight, I point it to the floor and head topside to investigate the missing sound. I pass several bunks and notice that they all appear to be empty and neatly made with nothing out of place. My mind begins racing as I swing the light from bunk to bunk only find no one around and nothing out of place. Panic setting in, I run to the stair leading topside.

As I get to the top of the stairs I slowly poke my head above deck and look around, not a light to be seen, not even the bridge. There is a mist slowly drifting across the desk, reducing the visibility to 15 feet or so. I hear no sounds that would suggest any crew members were on deck. The only thing I can hear is water lapping at the side of the ship. I start to whisper names of the crew....Sergey.....Morgan.....Gill...Captain, no reply. I start to speak louder....MORGAN... CAPTAIN... still nothing. I emerge fully from the stairwell to walk the deck slowly, looking for signs of the crew, any sign of what might be happening.

I walk the length of the ship, checking the Bridge and the galley only to find I am alone. The life rafts are all intact, what happened to everyone, why am I the only one here, why are we adrift. I go back to the bridge to check the captains log to see if he left any clues as to the goings on. The logs showed our last position just prior to our lights out time, we were still 4 days from Crete. The cargo of food was still in tact, the anchor appears not even to have been attempted to be lowered. I am alone on the ship and have no idea what to do from here. I slowly sink into the captains chair and stare out the window at the thickening mist, I lay my head on the maps in front of me to think for a minute to forge a plan......I hear the sound of someone using the head, my head snaps back in the realization that its me using the head... whew that was weird, every one is in there bunks sleeping. I climb back on my bunk and drift off to sleep.

I suddenly slam forward from the captains chair and roll upon the desk catching myself before slamming into the windows of the bridge. We hit something, I shake my head as though trying to wake up. I open my eyes and look out over the deck, the mist is gone and the sun is shining brightly. The ships appears to be listing slightly starboard, the ship has run aground. There appears to be an Island a few hundred yards away, seems like paradise. The sea appears to move all in one motion over the rocks in a harmonious rhythm, not the crashing surf, its’s calming and even seems to be calling me to come ashore. Wake up I yell out loud, pinch my arm, bite my lip so that it bleeds, opening my eyes only to see Im still alone.

I check over the maps trying to find out our position, there is no power and from what I can tell from our last known position there is not a island for at least 2 days. I could not have been out that long. I have been to most every island in these parts and this island does not look like any I have seen before. I have seen no signs that the crew left the ship for the island. Through the binoculars, the sand on the shore seem to be undisturbed, my head is still spinning in frustration and fear of the unknown. I have not seen another ship pass by, I see no other land on the horizon. I have seen nor heard any aircraft, no signs of life at all, just myself.

I spend two more nights on the ship gathering supplies, watching the island for any sign of life or clue. I throw a pack of supplies in to a life raft and lower it down, then another. I decide that I should take two rafts with me incase something happens to one, so I can get back to the ship. I slowly row my way to the island, keeping an eye on the shore for clues or any signs of the crew. I reach the shore and slowly pull the raft up out of the water, securing each one to a log so they don’t float away. Before the investigation of the Island begins, I turn back to look at the ship from the shore... I see the photo of the Ghost Ship.

Holding on: This photo totally reminds me of a song from Day of Fire called Rain Song

holding on

Bring rivers in this wasteland Clouds into this sky Bring springs of life into the wells that have been run dry
Rise up in this city Gather in this light Fall down on your people Your glory and your life
Rain Lord we thirst for water Rain We are desert Land Rain On your sons and daughters Rain Bring your rain again
Speak dreams into this water And vision to this land That oceans be divided And bring forth life again
Rise up in this city Gather in this light Fall down on your people Your glory and your life
Let the tide roll in Washing over our lives Let your water fall again
Bring rivers in this wasteland Clouds into the sky
Bring your rain again Let your water fall down Bring your rain again now

You have been given a wonderful gift and I certainly appreciate you sharing that gift with all of us. I am very impressed with your eye for detail and can appreciate the time that it takes to wait on the light to be perfect. You have spent many hours working on your photography, learning how to see light and capture it perfectly. Your work is truly a wonder.

Thank you again,

Thats all for now.. God Bless.