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Meteor Crater

Work up at early this morning looking to take a nice shower before starting the day, only to find that the hotel had no hot water, I almost took a cold shower, but that water was way to cold. I decide to make a cup of coffee in the little coffee maker in the room, only to find that the creamer I put in the cup, did not want to mix into the coffee, instead is just clumped up and floated on top. The morning is obviously not starting out good, so we might was well just hit the road and stop for breakfast at the chick fil a. Finally, something to going right LOL!.

Dad and I decided to stop a the Meteor Crater just outside of FlagStaff to check out the crater and go through the museum. We got there a tad early and ended up being the first people in the building. It was pretty cold out, and very windy when we went up to the look out, but we I got a few shots of the crater that turned out ok. We watched a movie on a big screen with some good sound that showed a good reenactment of what created the crater. Dad seemed to have been impressed with the crater, so that was cool.

I love the colors of the hills as you drive through New Mexico, but you are totally out in the middle of now where. We decided to end out night in Amarillo Texas.

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