The last few days, I have been staying at some friends of my dads, they went on a camping trip, leaving us their house. Jessica, Caleb and baby boy max came up and spent 2 days with us. We had a wonderful time, we went to the zoo, had a birthday party for max. The zoo turned out to be a pretty nice zoo, and yielded several very nice photos. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica and teach here a little bit about her camera and even got some books two help her out.

Our trip to Oklahoma ends at 5am in the morning, we are heading home. Dad and I will start or 2 day drive home. The weather looks good, so there should be no issues with that. It has been a wonderful trip, minus the missing hot rod. I enjoyed the food, the family and at the sights.

Well, thats all for now.

God Bless