Today is the last day of the NSRA show in Oklahoma City, sad to see it go. There were some very nice cars out there, among them this 1962 Impala. I really liked this car, I loved the color, the wheels and the motor, I would drive it. I feel really strongly that dads car would have won an award of some sort, had he been able to drive it out here. There were a lot less cars at the show on the last day, probably because they didn't win an award or something. The awards ceremony started about 2:00 and every one was excited since they were giving away three three thousand dollar awards. Dad and I heard them announce the winner of the car that had driven the furthest and turns out it was a person in Fair Oaks California. We would have taken that award since we lived further then they did, if only we had the car.

Now that the car show was over, we were off to visit some more family that I had not seen in 20 some odd years. We had a good visit and ate some good pizza.

Thanks all for now.

God Bless