I have been working on a website to show of my dads custom 1958 impala. The web address is www.jims58impala.com. I think the site is looking really good at this point. There is a blog that will be used to tell stories about the car or something from a car show. I will probably include when we might be showing the car at some event. I have included a lot of pictures taken from when the car was being built. I spent several days taking some intimate shots of the car using my flash and have posted those on the site. There is still much that needs to be updated on the site, and I will be getting all of that done in the next month or so.

I am very proud to have been part of the build. It was fun helping my dad work on the car even though there were times that thing just did not want to go easy. But all the hard work and patience has paid of. I am looking forward to showing the car and talking with people at shows.