Welcome to 2018 everyone, I am ringing in the New Year with a stuffy nose, cough, itchy eyes and lots of sneezing.  While this was not my ideal way to enter into the new year and celebrate my Birthday, its still a good end to the year and a good beginning to the new.

In 2017, I got to see my Daughter and grandkids Max and Presley. Took a trip to a road trip to Oklahoma with the parental units and got to see more family there. 

I took a week and went to Idaho to visit My son, and grandkids, Emma and Bradly, took some time to go on a photo shoot and captured the beauty of some Eagles. 

I spent time working on Dad's website for his car, and worked on my own site and gave it a make over. I also gave the Townsmen website a new look. 

I had the opportunity to visit my Uncle Charlie in Eureka. He took my to a beach were we searched for Jasper among the rocks. We found several nice little pieces while enjoying the nice ocean air. Sadly we lost uncle Charlie last month.  

There was time spent every week playing cards with my friends, a treat that I hope will last long into the future as it is one of my favorite things to do. 

I am looking forward to this coming year with some excitement. I am hoping to find a new job very soon, one in which I won't feel dread when I think about waking up and heading off for the day, life is to short. 

I am looking forward to seeing where this world is headed as 2017 was quite interesting. Im curious to see where the move of the embassy to Jerusalem takes us. The North Korea issue will be a curious thing to watch unfold. 

Thats all for Now

God Bless.