I have been trying to figure out how I wanted my header to look for some time now. I have finally decided on a full site width header and a parallax effect. I was having trouble getting it to load correctly, it would take almost 30 seconds to load, which is odd for a 283k picture. I finally had to noise the location of the menu stack to be below the header in the layout. For some reason, this fixed the issue. I am not sure what the issue was or why the menu location in the layout would have an issue, but apparently. 

I also added a little extra verbiage to a few sections, and added a new section for the website that I manage. This way I have a little show and tell for that work. I am also going to be adding a new page to add my resume in a time line kind of fashion, should be cool. 

I am thinking of a new layout for the photo gallery, I have a few ideas and hope that it turns out ok.. 

Until next time.