Hit this highway this morning for the long haul to Oklahoma City. The 58 is playing Trailer Queen for a few days in order to save her from the harshness of the open road. I have to say that I hate California speed laws that pulling a trailer you can only drive 55. It takes forever to get across the dang state at that speed. Must have counted a good 8 or 9 cops on the road with people pulled over or close enough to see me had I been speeding. Needless to say, we did not get near as far as I had hoped.  We did not get good gas mileage in the truck at all, but it got even worse once we turned on to 58 out of Bakersfield. Its been all up hill and at 5 miles a gallon, you have to stop way more often that one should in order to make sure you don't run our of gas in the middle of nowhere. We made it to Kingman, Arizona. I was really hoping we would make it to Flagstaff, but we came up about 160 miles shy of that.

We arrived in Kingman and got stopped at a hotel called the El Travotore on the old route 66. It was billed as having 7 out of 10 stars. It is decorated in themes of varying things, for instance, my room what decorated with James Dean pictures. The outside is painted with various themes, I saw some that said Oklahoma and there was Sam's Gas Station. The first thing I noticed as I approached my door was that I could see a hole along the door frame and looked through to see my bed, and though that was interesting. I opened the door to see a room full of big pictures and I guess I could see the charm. Oh did I mention that the place was built in 1933. The door are original doors from 1933 as well, I suppose that's the reason for the hole. I stuffed the hole with some napkins so at least someone cant peep me.  
Well, its about bed time, so I'm going finish up for tonight.