Woke up bright and early again to make gains on the road to Oklahoma. We drove straight through to Tucumcari Arizona. I did not sleep very well at all, maybe it was the ghost of James Dean that kept me waking up every hour or something. Needless to say, I was a tired puppy today. The drive was good, with many gas stops and lots and lots of very cool colors in the hills along the drive, we have orange, red, yellows all blending with the ponderosa pines. I with I had time to stop and photograph some of the interesting hills, but alas, we have a schedule to keep. 

While trying to get direction to Tucumcari by asking Siri, you can get really frustrated, I was laughing at Mom & Dad, because they kept trying, and Sir was would just not figure out what they were saying. If anyone reads this you have to try it. We finally figured out how to make Siri work. Hint, you have to say it like she thinks it pronounced.

You come across a lot of small towns out in the middle of nowhere and you often wonder what in the world do they do for a living way out in here, ok well at least I do.

I have enjoyed the ride thus far, we should with any luck be at our destination tomorrow. 

I will check in later.