We left Tucumcari around 5:30 this morning to continue our last leg of the trip to Oklahoma. There was a very nice sunrise as we left Amarillo. In the foreground, row after row of wind turbines, sending their produce to the city in the rearview. In the background, the sun was painting with beautiful pinks and dark purple hues. I had dad try and get a good shot, but there were to many bugs on the windshield. 

Deciding it was time for some breakfast and petroleum products, we pulled off the road and I saw this cool Cadillac Ranch, only they were slug bugs! I just had to pull over and get a shot, as the sun was perfect, and well, why wouldn't ya.  

We arrived in town about noon, had lunch and got every thing unpacked from the truck. We pulled the 58 out of its trailer and put her in the garage, its a tight fit. We will have to spruce it up before the show as it got some dust and dirt from a vent in the trailer on it. We are all settled in our spots for the next few weeks and already have a huge list of todo's from Aunt Sharon. 

Thats all for now.