Jessica & Caleb picked me up from the car show and took me to the Zoo. The grand babies were excited, Max in particular wanted to see some Elephants. We arrived to find the parking lot packed and there were strollers, moms and kids in every direction. I was surprised that it was so crowded and thought it was going to be kinda hard to get around, but it was surprisingly not too bad. 

The highlight of the zoo was watching 3 baby tigers playing in the water. They were splashing and attacking each other just like cats do, but this was so cool! How often does one get to see Tigers playing right in front of them. We also got to see two Grizzly Bears lay down in the water right next to each other and go to sleep, they look so cuddly. 

We celebrated Mom & Dads 50th wedding anniversary by going out to dinner. Mom's Sister, Brother, Cousins and even some friends they have knows for over 50 years came to celebrate. We also Celebrated Max's 4th Birthday with some cake and presents.

Busy Day!