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I use this blog to communicate the goings on in my world. My hope is that this written word will be used by our family and friends to keep tabs on us as we are going about our lives separated by the many miles. I might post a story about a photo shoot that I went on or even some random thoughts that pop into my head. You might even see comments about news or world events. I have even posted spiritual thoughts and events as they relate to the Bible. I find this blog therapeutic at times. I even rant and rave about stuff. Anything could end up in here.

Oklahoma or Bust

Dad and I are driving the 58 back to Oklahoma to show the car in the NSRA show. Im looking forward to driving the car and seeing family. I really enjoy driving the car, its a really neat feeling when people pass you and give you thumbs up, or someone yells "Nice Job, Looks great". It fills you with a sense of accomplishment, and pride, although I dad did most of the work, I more or less just helped hold stuff and hand him tools when needed. Im looking forward to taking some cool pictures of the car on the road, maybe get to shoot it in some really neat locations on the way. It will be nice to see some family that I have not seen in a long time, and some probably never met. Jessica, Caleb and baby boy Max are coming to spend a weekend with us, so thats going to be a special treat for me.

Dad has told me that he and one of his oldest friends are going to show me around town. We are going to see some of the places that he has lived, and some of the places he used to work and play. It will be neat to see those places. We are going to try and take a picture of his car new 58 in the same spot as his old 58, but he might be keeping his shirt on this time.

I will be posting each day as we travel, so stay tuned.

God Bless