Battlefield 3

Above and beyond the call.

With over 60 awards to its name – including the Game Critics Award for “Best Online Multiplayer” – Battlefield 3 is taking the gaming world by storm. Your copy is ready to download for the PC today.

Large-scale battles take place both in urban cityscapes and wide open terrain perfect for piloting assault vehicles. Online multi-player features as many as 64 players competing for prestige, as well as a host of unlockable upgrades and achievements. Choose from one of four classes: Assault, a combat medic who also battles on the front lines; Engineer, who handles your heavy equipment like RPGs and makes repairs as well; Support, who can suppress enemy fire and call in air strikes; and Recon, a trained sniper who also gathers intel and scouts for mines.

Equip your player with fully customizable loadouts. As you earn experience you can release a wide range of unlockables including class-specific weaponry and equipment, weapon upgrades like new gun sights, new vehicles, new threads to outfit your player, and specialization abilities to increase your prowess in combat. Battlefield 3 also features six co-op missions for you to attempt with a friend. The powerful technology of the Frostbite 2 engine ensures not only great gameplay but also spectacular visuals and combat special effects. See why Battlefield 3 is the choice of critics everywhere. Download it for the PC today.


• Frostbite 2 – Battlefield 3 introduces Frostbite 2, the incredible technology that takes animation, destruction, lighting, scale and audio to new heights. Built upon this powerful game engine, Battlefield 3 immerses players physically and emotionally to the world around them like never before.

• Feel The Battle – Feel the impact of bullets and explosions, drag your fallen comrades into safety, and mount your weapon on almost any part of the terrain. Battlefield 3's cutting edge animation, spectacular visuals and real as hell battle gameplay attack your senses and make you feel the visceral warrior's experience like no other FPS.

• Unparalleled Vehicle Warfare – The best online vehicle warfare experience gets even better with a fitting sonic boom as fighter jets headline an impressive lineup of land, air and sea vehicles.

• Urban Combat – Take the fight to iconic and unexpected places in the USA, Middle East, and Europe including claustrophobic streets, metropolitan downtowns, and open, vehicle-friendly landscapes as you fight your way through the war of tomorrow.